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Agency Director

Marisol Vázquez – “The world needs passionate people who love what they do”

I’m enamored of my profession and of the team of excellent professionals that we have put together over the years. I love the challenge that each new project represents and also to be a part of a sector with clients who share our desire for excellence. Surprising them and exceeding their expectations is what most motivates me. The success is found in the perfection of the small details.

“A committed team is a guarantee of success”.

Innovation Director

Federico Milián – “We cannot change the wind but we can adjust the sails”

My passion is marketing and creativity applied to this sector in which I’ve been working for over fifteen years. I enjoy finding new solutions and technologies for our projects as well as evolving our own platforms. I have participated in the management and execution of hundreds of events in dozens of cities and countries. My other passion is cycling.

“Creativity is the intelligence having fun”.

Marketing Business Unit Manager

Mario Campano – “In love with life”

Marketing is a science in continuous evolution. This is what I’ve been repeating to myself each day over the last thirteen years. I decided to specialize myself in the health sector because it is my passion and also, partly, my hobby. I enjoy talking with clients, understanding their needs and trying to help them day to day. I still feel butterflies in my stomach before a presentation and get goosebumps just before a new event begins.

“Never abandon that which you enjoy and is your passion”.

Events Business Unit Manager

Patricia Álvarez – “Experiences are the spice of life”

I always look back with a smile when I decided to dedicate myself professionally to the world of events.
It’s amazing to be able to work in something that you love and at the same time challenges you to improve. The idea of being able to create experiences that help to unite people, to favor the exchange of knowledge, learning and inspiration are the engine of our day to day. Even today, we need to be more connected than ever, virtual events are a new challenge to get closer to our goals.
We are addicted to that emotional connection between all the actors involved in the success of an event; the stress, the buzz of the live show, the looks in everyone when the result exceeds expectations and the culmination of a job well done.

“After great moments, only unforgettable memories remain”.

Financial Director

Rosario Martín – “Passion builds businesses, not fear”

I’ve been working in this sector for 15 years and it’s inspiring to learn something new each day.

This is an exciting and dynamic world thanks to the great diversity of projects we undertake. Each day is different from the one before, with challenges that make you grow as a professional. To see the successful closure of a project and to work with such a dedicated team committed is fascinating. I feel that in our own small way we are contributing to the future of medicine.

“The price you pay is the value you receive”.